The end of a journey (Book Entries)

Posted on 8 décembre 2010



Oh, is there any use then

In putting words together,

Words as hard to manage

As leaves in windy weather ?


And is there any use then

In marking where they fall,

Words that fly apart again

In no time at all ?

Eunice Tietjens (1929)



Big Up to all the people that hosted us, fed us, gave us rides, joined us on adventures, shared conversations and whisky and cigaretts. Epic times.

Special thanks to :

Rose and the desert team (UT), Sophie & Manu (BC), Stefanie & the freaks from Murderfist (NYC), Britt and Cole (TX), Jen, Charlie & Adam (OR), Austin and Sacha (CA), Jocelyn, Ben, Tone, Leslie, Austyn, Ginny, Whitney, Bruno, Brendan, Kayla, Tyler, Rhodes, Holly & Eric (CA), Alexander (UT, Vegas), Kincaid (CA, UT, Vegas, Central America),   Hercules (LA), Gretchen (CO),  Moon & Levitas (NYC),  Hili (TX), Tone & Donnie (TX), Olivier & Alix (TX), Marion B. (Ciudad Colon, Costa Rica), Gabriel (Montezuma, Costa Rica), Nico,Wolf & Christian (Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica), Ryan Y. (Nicaragua), Everyone that checked the blog, Malo, Our fathers, Our mothers, Our brothers.


The Story Was Best Left Untold

From British Columbia to Costa Rica.

Marion & Laura

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